Share private files with other apps: FileProvider

Sharing a private file with other apps, it’s a challenge every Android developer will have to tackle someday. You will spend hours on this, probably give up, and then finally end up on this blog to find out how to implement this feature.

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LinearLayoutICS, another great Class in the support library

swapCursor vs changeCursor, what’s the difference?

Implementing a ListView is probably one of the first things you do when learning Android development. At In the Pocket, we use them a lot. To make everything work as smooth as possible, all Android developer at In the Pocket agreed to use CursorAdapters as much as possible. You probably wonder why we do this? Continue Reading


Support v7 appcompat & options menu

Some time ago, Google made its own backport of the famous ActionBar. The times of ActionBar Sherlock are finally over, and that’s a good thing. There has already been written a lot about using the Support ActionBar, so I won’t bother you with that. I’m going to talk about a small detail, but yet a very important one: using the Options Menu.

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Android: tabs appear above (or below) ActionBar *UPDATED*

On Android 3.0 and above, while using the ActionBar tabbed navigation style, the tabs sometimes appear above (or below) the action bar. This strange UX behaviour doesn’t seem to make sense, especially on devices with larger screens like tablets. The issue seems te be fixed since API level 19 (Android KitKat 4.4), but it still affects the majority of Android devices.

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